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From October to April dwellers of Chicago have to use heating because the average temperature never gets higher than 45 degrees. And with seven months of everyday operational timing, services for heating repair in Chicago are among the top searches of the locals. We are offering you professional commercial and residential furnace repair in Chicago at fair prices and with the best experts in the field.

Air conditioning repair in Chicago

The need for an emergency AC repair in Chicago always comes from negligence. This means that in most cases if you maintain your unit or whole-system properly throughout the year, you can avoid major repair costs. However, emergency repair needs may come from foreign objects happening to be in your system or the unexpected circuit fails. In such cases, no home- or business owner is protected from the problem and this is exactly the moment when our services from a professional air conditioning contractor in Chicago can come in handy.

We offer quality and efficiency even in the most urgent cases. Our team always travels with a full toolkit of original replacement parts and instruments to fix any urgent problem you might be having. We are quick to respond and dynamic in service. Our team can get your AC up and running to guarantee a comfortable temperature in your home or business environment.

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AC installation in Chicago

Besides maintenance and repairs, we can also help you in selecting the most efficient, reliable, and affordable AC system or unit for your needs. Our technicians are certified by the most popular air conditioner manufacturers in the area and all of them are trained to recognize local specificities of the buildings. This means that when you are looking for an air conditioner for your home or office, we can help you find and adjust an AC system for your space size, volume, and needs. Give a call tour customer care center, and we can give you an extensive answer about the existing possibilities of AC units available for your needs and in your price range.

After selecting the best unit, our team for AC installation in Chicago will come to your place to complete the installation and teach you about the efficient usage of your new HVAC element. We also guaranty on-warranty maintenance for all our installations and free repairs for the first half a year of use.

Other services

While our Chicago team is mostly focused on air conditioning units and systems, we also have a department that specializes in heating equipment. We can offer the following additional services:

  • gas furnace repair
  • electric furnace repair
  • heating adjustment
  • vent installation
  • vent maintenance
  • thermostat replacement
  • thermostat maintenance
  • thermostat repairs
  • HVAC controller installation
  • whole-HVAC cleaning
  • whole-HVAC maintenance

Regardless of the scope and complexity of your HVAC problem, our team is ready to take a challenge! We help with minor fixes like thermostat batteries replacement and can offer such major fixes as ductwork replacement. We are the most universal and advanced team for HVAC repairs in Chicago. Whatever the problem is, you can always rely on our professionalism and willingness to help any customer. Our 24/7 phone lines are always ready to take up on your emergency and fix it for you on the same day.


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