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Full-service HVAC repair in Dallas

A check-up, maintenance agreement, on-warranty service, repairs, installation or a mere advice on a new AC or furnace is what we do on a daily basis. We offer professional heating and AC repair in Dallas TX. Have doubts? Suspect AC malfunctioning? Still get cold with a furnace on? We can identify and eliminate the root-case of all those problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us because there are no small or unimportant issues for us!

How we work?

Whenever you need a gas or electric furnace repair or an emergency air conditioning contractor in Dallas you can call us. Our office is open 24/7 so whenever you decide to write or call us, one of our team members will be able to pick up the phone and consult you on the issue in question. Besides that, for emergency calls, our team for commercial furnace repair in Dallas is always ready to hit the road and come to you at first notice.

Our technicians travel in fully-equipped trucks for a check-up, maintenance or repair visit. This means that we have enough instruments and all required parts to fix an AC, furnace, or ventilation issue of every scope and complexity. Our 10-years knowledge of Dallas and its homes also comes in handy because we can fix every existing model and make of the popular furnace and AC systems in the city.

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Why choose our HVAC repair in Dallas?

While every single team would claim to be the best in gas furnace repair, we can truly prove that our offer is your best option. Here is why:

  • We use only original parts.
  • All our services are covered with warranty (manufacture’s original warranty for the parts and our own 90-day warranty for the labor).
  • Our trucks are fully loaded with all equipment and parts required for any type of maintenance or repairs call. Always!
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service in Dallas and its suburbs.
  • Our company and its technicians are licensed by Texas Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Advisory Board.
  • Most major HVAC brands in the area have also certified us to offer on- and off-warranty services.
  • Your business or home space, as well as our team members, are fully insured against accidents.

Besides that every team member undergoes obligatory workshop training every half a year to ensure that we stay on track with the latest industry news, know-how techniques, and equipment. By hiring us for Dallas TX air conditioning repair you get a team of true experts for maintenance, repairs, and installation needs.

When to call for help?

There are obvious signs that you need to get the help of Dallas TX AC repair:

  • Unpleasant smells coming from the vents
  • Disturbing noises of the furnace or air conditioner
  • Uncomfortable humidity level in the house
  • Uncontrollable changes in the temperature
  • Non-working unit (furnace, ventilation, AC)
  • You can’t turn off any of the HVAC system elements

If you have spotted any of these signs in your residence or commercial space, pick up the phone and call our experts in cooling and heating repair from Dallas. Should you be interested in AC installation in Dallas, consult our customer care department about the options available for your space and its specificity.


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