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We serve Phoenix to please its dwellers. We believe in the old-fashioned service that guarantees high quality and exquisite customer service done from the first time by means of top-notch technologies and equipment.

Top reasons to call for help

The range of possible issues with air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems is almost infinite. Some of them might be a matter of simple cleanings, like dirty filters, some might need simple replacements, like a non-working thermostat. Such issues can be handled on your own because they require no training or deeper knowledge. However, if your heating is broken and you suspect that you might need to call furnace repair in Phoenix, then this is the case when professional assistance is needed. Here are the top cases to call for expert opinion and help of an air conditioning contractor in Phoenix:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat (might need a simple batteries replacement as well as major electrical knowledge for fixing).
  • Various leaks (from the refrigerant to water leaks in ACs and furnaces might step from worn isolations to major structural changes in the units).
  • Corrosion of wires and terminals (always requires replacement of the affected elements and identification of the root cause).
  • Low unit efficiency (mostly caused by the lack of maintenance and the piled up dirt inside of the AC or furnace as well as ductwork).
  • Unusual noises (usually belts need to be replaced).
  • The opposite functionality of a unit (AC is warming the space up while the furnace is cooling it down).

These and a large number of other obvious malfunctioning signs should alert you about the need to call for emergency furnace and AC repair in Phoenix AZ. Should you spot at least one of them, pick up the phone and request a free consultation about your issue to identify the severity of the problem and a plan of action.

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Why choose us

There is no secret that when you are looking for gas furnace repair or air conditioning repair in Phoenix AZ, one of the most decisive factors would be the cost. We can guarantee that our prices are the most competitive in the market of HVAC repairs in Chicago. We care for every call and request received, so we accept payment plans and are ready to postpone the payment for the clients in need. We also offer on-warranty services for most major HVAC brands which means that you can request HVAC maintenance service from us and pay nothing; this service will be covered by the manufacturer.

We can also guarantee that there will be no hidden or additional costs once you sign with us. All our estimates are binding, so you will pay exactly the amount stated on the written estimate.

Besides that we can also offer these perks:

  • After-service clean-up
  • 24/7 phone service
  • Original parts
  • Manufacturers’ parts warranty
  • 3-months labor warranty
  • Insured workers
  • Knowledge of most makes and models of HVAC systems
  • Discounts for returning customers

Whenever you need heating repair in Phoenix, such as electric furnace repair, pick up your phone and contact our customer care center. Select your date for a free project estimate and negotiate the most suitable date. Need heating or AC installation in Phoenix? Call today!


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